24 hour emergency response services

Need immediate ASSISTANCE? call us at : 954-412-0240

24 hour emergency response services

Need immediate ASSISTANCE?
call us at : 954-412-0240


We make it easy for you by working directly with your insurance company.

After we do the FREE inspection, we’ll work directly with your insurance company on all clean-up and restoration billing. We’ll provide the evidence and documentation you’ll need for your insurance claim.
Additionally, we document the entire process from arrival, clean-up, and restoration as proof of services to help ensure you receive full coverage on your claim.
Eco Safe help expedite the coverage process in its entirety, and alleviate property owners from the burden of spending excessive time sorting through policy information and navigating the adjuster’s requirements.
We provide you with over a decade of experience in correctly documenting cause of loss, filing claims when desired, creating complete records that include necessary digital imaging, and delivering the most cost-effective results in the shortest amount of time. Our company is independently owned, so you will never experience setbacks that can happen with larger franchises. We specialize in both damage control and providing the best in direct customer service to our clients, from the initial emergency, through the

We work with all insurance companies.

We’re a preferred provider for most major insurance companies and have many years of experience with insurance claims and working with adjusters.
We provide direct insurance billing because we are experts and can properly manage claims, but moreover, as part of the process in facilitating our customers to return to their daily lives. Instead of having to continuously make and receive phone calls, document damage and be conscientious of the details, our professional project managers ensure that industry restoration standards are met, and that all necessary steps are being taken to efficiently and correctly mitigate property damage. We stand behind our customers so that they do not experience surprises, and so that you know exactly where you’re at with the restoration and claims process in real-time, anytime.

We are here for you 24 Hours.

As a full service remediation specialists, and fully licensed company, Eco Safe provides our customers with turnkey services. This means that you enjoy direct communication with your exclusive project manager who responsibly manages everything from cleanup to record keeping, paperwork and guidance. Each professional employed with Eco Safe is fully IICRC trained and accredited.